Teeth Cleaning

A professional scale and clean removes plaque and tartar that you simply can’t remove when brushing and flossing at home. As well as making your teeth feel clean and look whiter, the scale and clean actually helps prevent decay, gingivitis and gum disease by removing oral bacteria.

Professional scale and cleans are typically done at the same appointment as your regular check-up, although they may be separate if it’s your first time visiting us, to allow for a more comprehensive examination and a thorough, detailed scale and clean.

Following your scale and clean your dentist may recommend a concentrated fluoride application in the form of either a foam or gel. This is left in the mouth for 1-4 minutes and then spat out. This treatment hardens the enamel of the teeth by providing a booster of fluoride which helps to prevent decay, tooth wear and erosion caused by acidic foods and drinks. Fluoride is safe to use in this small dose and all precautions are taken to minimise the amount ingested.

Most patients visit their dentist every 6 months for their dental check-up and professional scale and clean. Your dentist will advise you if you need to attend more or less frequently based on your oral health, dental hygiene and risk factors.

We recommend booking your next check-up each time, so you can secure a time and day that suits your schedule.